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IRS 2024

Workshops & Courses

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Fundamentals of Radar Imaging

                                      Short Course on Joint Communcation and Sensing

Dear Colleagues,

Short Courses, Workshops and Focused Sessions at Microwave and Radar Week are a key element for education, exchange of knowledge and practical skills.

Short courses lasting 90 minutes can be of two types: advanced (for audiences who have mastered the necessary basic knowledge of the topic) or beginners (for audiences without basic knowledge of the topic in the form of a tutorial).

Workshops will bring together thought leaders from academia and industry to light special topics or problems in area of interest. The aim is to coalesce a community around those topics for a practical training on a specific topic area.

1. Title of the course/ workshops
2. Description of the course/ workshops (up to ½ page)
3. Name of the Presentr(s) with full contact information, including company/affiliation name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, picture, short bio

Proposals of Short Courses, Workshops can be submitted directly by e-mail to (please use “IRS 2024 workshop” in the e-mail subject): marcin.baczyk@pw.edu.pl

Marcin Baczyk


Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


Important dates

April 12th, 2024
Short courses deadline

April 12th, 2024
Industrial workshop deadline

April 26th, 2024