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MIKON 2024 Short-course

Principles of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly for RF and mmW engineering. Basics of Design based on statistical methods. Robust design of RF/mmW components

The main goal of this short course is to present Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA), design for high volume production and robust design principles for RF and mmW engineering.

The modern RF/mmW design process is getting more complicated and challenging due to tight requirements of dedicated applications. Over many years mmW technology development has been considered as dedicated for low volume products due to complexity, sensitivity of design and technology.  Recent 20 years of ICT and automotive radar technology development set new goals and challenges for mmW development, not relevant in the past.

In the first part of the short course the general principles of DFMA with the main focus on RF/mmW technology will be described. In addition, general process of product and technology evolution valid for mmW components, valid for industrialization process will be described.

The second part will present technical mmW development aspects based on 3 main types of transmission lines: waveguides, microstrip and SIWs. Transmission lines are basic components of any mmW passive circuits development (antennas, filters, transitions etc.) and proper identification limit and boundaries determines design robustness and industrialization process. Furthermore, an efficient process of parametrized CAD model as a base for optimization and sensitivity analyses will be described. CAD modelling and intensive simulation-based design is part of modern mmW development process and an importance of proper interpretation and simulation analyses will be presented. In the next section application of statistical methods and results interpretation will discussed. Finally, principles of efficient and successful mmW designs prototype will be presented, main focus of prototyping concept will be based on hybrid PCB technology.

The last part will be an open discussion and analyses of existing automotive radar products (24 GHz/77 GHz) and published E band antenna concepts for radar applications.

The short course will be concluded with discussion about critical aspects of mmW design process for efficient industrialization process.


Dr. Andrzej Samulak 

Huawei Weilheim Manufacturing Tech Center (WMTC)

Speaker’s Bio: Dr. Andrzej Samulak is a Huawei Weilheim Manufacturing Tech Center (WMTC) Principal engineer since 2022. Before (since 2018) he worked for Aptiv Services Deutschland GmbH as Senior Design Engineer/RF design engineer. He started his industrial career in 2010 as a RF design engineer at Continental A.D.C. GmbH. His main industrial experience is related with design of mmW automotive radar sensors (24 GHz/77 GHz) with focus on high volume and cost-effective design, mmW hybrid PCB technology, RF/mmW materials and MMIC characterization. He received the M. Sc. And Ph. D. (2005 and 2010 respectively) degrees in the field of X band WG filters and Switching mode power amplifiers. His current professional activity is focused on the development of mmW technology (Ka/E/D Band) dedicated for ICT applications. Beyond his technical expertise – he is also passionate skydiver and skydiving instructor.