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SpaceForest specializes in microwave techniques, artificial intelligence and advanced electronics. The company provides services in the field of design, prototyping and production of microwave equipment, precision mechanics and electronics, as well as launching experiments on board of internally developed experimental rockets.

SpaceForest’s key solutions are ultra-low phase noise frequency generators, solid-state power amplifiers, Filter Tuning Systems and a portable synthetic aperture radar (SAR) which can be installed on aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles.

SpaceForest has successfully completed several projects for the European Space Agency and is successively implementing the developed solutions.

Cooperation with ESA lead to developing low-noise high frequency generators, solid state power amplifiers and provision of internally developed testing environment for the on-board data collecting system of the ESA’s JUICE mission.

We offer machining services (CNC) in various types of materials such as steel, aluminium, copper or composite materials. We specialize in designing and manufacturing precision electronic enclosures for the space industry.

Fraunhofer FHR is one of the leading European research institutes in the area of high frequency and radar technology. It develops customized electromagnetic sensor concepts, processes, and systems for its partners, from the microwave through to the terahertz range.

With a budget of about €44.6 million (2022) and about 390 employees, Fraunhofer FHR is one of the largest radar research institutes in Europe. The core topic of the research at Fraunhofer FHR consists of sensors for high-precision distance and position determination as well as imaging systems with a resolution of up to 3.75 mm.

The applications range from systems for reconnaissance, surveillance, and protection to real-time capable sensors for traffic and navigation as well as quality assurance and non-destructive testing.

Founded in 2006 ACST GmbH became the first European supplier of Schottky diodes for mm and sub-mm applications.

Being a spin-off company of the Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUD), ACST succeeded over twenty years of technology standards, R&D activity, and accumulated experience at TUD in the field of THz technology. Over the past decade ACST has undertaken over twenty R&D projects supported by ESA, EC (FP7 & H2020), the German Government (BMBF, BMWI), and industrial partners. Relying on accumulated experience and know-how, ACST extended their products over wide range of applications, targeting at ultimate performance at mm/submm-waves and THz frequencies.

Nowadays ACST is the leading European supplier of high-power frequency multipliers and THz sources. With over 20 years of experience in terahertz solutions ACST a strong partner in the field of Radioastronomy, communications, and scientific instrumentation, but also for industrial applications like MM/SubMM-Wave imaging for security and non-destructive quality control. ACST products provide the state-of-the-art performance and comply to the demand of high technology standards for applications in areas of scientific research, laboratory instrumentation, industry, security, and space.

AM Technologies is an authorized distributor of test & measurement equipment from leading manufactures such as Keysight Technologies, VIAVI Solutions, AH Systems, FormFactor, Maury Microwave and Fluke Calibration.

Company delivers measurement solutions for Aerospace and Defense, Communications, Automotive, Energy, High-Speed Digital, Education and Network Testing.

Research and Development Department of AM Technologies has been designing, manufacturing and implementing COMINT and ELINT class electronic recognition devices and systems for over 17 years.

Rosenberger is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of impedance-controlled and optical interconnect solutions in high-frequency, high-voltage and fibre-optic technology – RF coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and test, measurement & calibration products.

The connectivity solutions ensure the reliable transmission of signals, data, and power in demanding applications, such as mobile and telecommunications, industrial measurement technology, automotive electronics, medical and industrial electronics, data centers, aerospace & defence engineering as well as telematics / M2M / IoT systems.

Headquartered in Germany, the Rosenberger Group operates manufacturing, assembly and sales facilities with approx. 15,000 employees all over the world. Rosenberger was founded in 1958 and has been family-owned ever since.

The XY-Sensing Sp. z o.o. is an SME spin-off company at the Warsaw University of Technology that provides high-level solutions in radar sensing technology. The experience of XY-Sensing staff in the development of advanced radar signal processing techniques includes imaging radars, e.g. synthetic aperture radars, surveillance and tracking radars, passive, noise radars, and EW, among others. XY-Sensing also offered customized radar systems. The recently introduced to the market main products are:

  • XY-PCL Radar – is the novel passive radar solutions dedicated for surveillance of the demanding airborne targets like very slow and small moving targets, high speed objects, rotary and fix-wing planes and unmanned airborne vehicles. The Passive Coherent Location Radar system does not emit any electromagnetic spectrum so it is not recognizable be the enemy detection systems. The PCL Radar operate using the Illuminators of Opportunity working at FM, DVB-T and DAB frequencies transmissions.
  • XY-SAR Sensor – three compact SAR radars operating in C-, K- and X-band are on offer. Radars are additionally equipped with a real-time SAR processor with options to process the data onboard the radar carrier (UAV or plane) or at the ground station. Radar can be used to monitor security areas, e.g., by border authorities, police, and fire brigade, for detection and tracking of suspicious and unauthorized drones and cars, but also for land surveying and mapping, land monitoring and surveillance, illegal clearing or trenching backwaters.
  • XY-Active Echo – offers advanced solutions in designing customized active reflectors for radar calibration purposes. The devices can operate in different radar bands – from VHF up to X-band. The family of XY-Sensing active reflectors are offered as ground-based systems mounted on the masts or tripods or as independent devices with their own power source mounted on a flying platform as e.g., drones or aircraft. An active reflector, named XY-Active Echo, is a device designed to emulate a radar target with a significantly larger radar cross-section than the actual dimensions of the device.

QWED is a leading provider of ultra-fast solutions for electromagnetic design and simulation, EM design consulting services and measurement setups for precise measurements of electromagnetic properties of materials at microwave frequencies.

QWED invented and commercially develops electromagnetic software packages of the QuickWave series and apply to electromagnetic research and industrial design: QuickWave 3D and QuickWave V2D – specialised software tool for the analysis of axisymmetrical structures (Bodies Of Revolution) as large as 2100 wavelengths, including antennas (horns, rods, biconical, double-reflector antennas), circular waveguide discontinuities, and resonators.

QWED manufactures several types of dielectric resonators for precise measurements of electromagnetic properties of materials at microwave frequencies. Each resonator is equipped with specialised software for extracting the relevant data (typically, complex permittivity or real permittivity and loss tangent) from measurements. QWED offers Split Post Dielectric Resonators and Single Post Dielectric Resonators which are intendent for measurements of complex permittivity of laminar dielectrics and thin ferroelectric films, surface resistance and conductivity of conducting materials such as resistive layers, thin conductive polymer films, or high resistivity semiconductors, surface impedance of metamaterials and resistive films as well as for the contact-less measurements of the conductivity of semiconductor wafers.

QWED also offers a wide range of electromagnetic consulting services. Years of experience in supporting our customers in a wide variety of EM applications made us the right people to support you at any stage of a design cycle of your device. Our consulting engineers will help you to optimise and improve your early stage device or provide you with a full EM consulting service consisting of a whole design cycle – from an idea to a device.

Tespol Company is an authorized representative of leading manufacturers of control-measuring equipment and radio communication systems. It provides a comprehensive range of products and services in the field of state-of-the-art measurement systems, communication, and broadcast transmitters from the following manufacturers: Com-power, Dassault Systèmes, Dewetron, Elektro-Automatik, Femto, Fluke, Hioki, IVIUM Technologies, Junkosha, Keithley, Litepoint, Magna-power, MPI, MVG, Net Automation, Nextsense, Reeco, RF Spin, Rohde&Schwarz, Select Fabricators, Sonel, Spirent, Tektronix, Telestream, Verivolt, Zurich Instruments. Tespol Company is characterized by an individual approach to the customer and professionalism, resulting from the qualifications and experience of its engineers. Tespol guarantees full support for implemented and delivered solutions in terms of technical support, authorized service of represented companies, calibration of measuring equipment, and training.

WiRan is a B2B company providing Research & Development as a Service (R&DaaS) in space, maritime, railway, industrial, defence and IoT sectors. For more than 20 years on the market the company is a hardware design office, supporting clients from the conception phase through prototyping to final product delivery. It has a proven track-record of RF technology solutions of high reliability, telemetry expertise and EMC testing.

In 2019 company has launched its own product brand: SEZO, representing IoT telemetry solutions (LoRa, LoRaWan, NB-IoT and LTE-M). Since that year it also presented its first diplexer applications with focus on its space business. In 2020 a three-year project had been launched which resulted in low orbit four radio system components in cooperation with ESA in antennas and diplexers projects for S-band and X-band.

WiRan aims to develop further X /S/ L band components for space business that will be reaching TRL9 as well as grow as an important R&DaaS partner in maritime, defence, industry 4.0, and smart city businesses.

PTH Neopta Electronics Sp. z o.o. has been operating continuously for 30 years in the field of microwave and high-frequency technology, representing leading global manufacturers of passive components such as connectors, coaxial cables, waveguides, antennas, attenuators, calibration kits, and other passive elements used in both civilian and military applications.

Since its inception, our primary goal has been customer satisfaction. We offer technical support ranging from product selection assistance to delivery of goods and services, and post-sales support. In addition to a wide range of standard products, we also provide products specially tailored to individual customer requirements.

Our decades of experience in the Polish market, coupled with the professionalism of our suppliers, have made us a competent partner. Additionally, we offer coaxial cable assembly services up to 8 GHz, according to customer specifications. Since 2010, we have held ISO 9001 quality management certification.