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Call for Exhibitors and Sponsors MRW 2024

The 11th MICROWAVE & RADAR WEEK (MRW) is the continuation of the series of very successful conferences in Warsaw (2004), Krakow (2006), Wroclaw (2008), Vilnius (2010), Warsaw (2012), Gdansk (2014), Krakow (2016), Poznan (2018), Warsaw (2020) and in Gdansk (2022). The 11th Microwave and Radar Week MRW-2024 comes to Wroclaw, Poland.

As in previous times the event comprises two parallel symposiums:

  • MIKON-2022 24th International Microwave and Radar Conference
  • IRS-2022 International Radar Symposium

Exhibitor and Sponsor stands

Please note: the pdf document might not be up-to-date! (is not updated instantaneously) Please check the list of stands below to make sure if the spot you’re interested in is still available.
Available stands:
  1. PIT-Radwar
  2. Available
  3. Yotta Volt
  4. Dassault Systemes
  6. WAVE-TEST Sp. z o.o.
  7. Fraunhofer-Institut für Hochfrequenzphysik und Radartechnik FHR
  8. AM Technologies
  9. Tespol
  10. QWED Sp. z o.o.
  11. MTT (Microwave Theory and Technology Society)
  12. SpaceForest Ltd.
  13. ACST Gmb
  14. Wiran
  15. XY Sensing
  16. Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH
  17. P.T.H. Neopta-Electronics
  18. Advanced Diagnostic Equipment
  19. WIPL-D d.o.o.
  20. Available
  21. Glenair GmbH

Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities

In a busy marketplace staying current and at the front of customers’ minds can be challenging. Event sponsorship can be an invaluable part of the marketing mix to highlight your brand’s market presence and leadership in the given business area. MRW 2024 offers your company a great opportunity to showcase brands, solutions, and innovation or just to keep in touch with your current and prospective clients. Our sponsorship and exhibition opportunities present a varied offering which can be tailored to your particular needs. The exhibition together with the conference gives a unique platform for doing business, making important contacts and meeting the people around the World involved in microwave and radar technology. Welcome to occupy a prominent place in the exhibition and become the sponsor of the MRW 2024.

It is possible to take advantage of many sponsorship opportunities. Some proposals of sponsorship and exhibitors packages for MRW 2024 are presented in the table below, but other forms of sponsorship (i.e. technical, financial, media) to promote the conference and/or increase its quality are very welcome. Any other types of sponsorship not included in the table are possible as sponsorship of the Conference Cocktail and/or the Banquet as well as additional services and changes of sponsorship are welcome, but have to be negotiated with the organizers.

Exhibition time

To facilitate broad interaction with both MIKON and IRS participants, the exhibition will be open to visitors throughout the Microwave & Radar Week, from Monday lunchtime, July 1, 2024, till Thursday lunchtime, July 4, 2024. Moreover, the MRW Welcome Reception right after the MRW Opening Ceremony on Monday afternoon will be held in the Exhibition area.

According to the selected sponsor’s or exhibitor’s package some number of persons indicated in the table below are welcome at the special evening events:

  • Welcome reception at the place of venue and the exhibition.
  • Gala dinner at the Centennial Hall

The exhibition area will be available to exhibitors for setup from 8 am July 1, 2024 (Monday)  and for dismantling until 6 pm July 4, 2024 (Thursday). It is possible to send exhibition equipment in advance via courier companies and store it by organizers  in a safe place until the exhibition opens.

Contact person

To become a conference Sponsor or Exhibitor please contact the Chair of prof. Jerzy Michalski via email: exhibition@MRW2024.org

Payment policy

Mazurkas Congress Management, acting as the Conference Secretariat, operates a 14-day payment policy, counted from the day of invoice receipt. Full prepayment is required.

Floor space and sponsorship will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment. Breach of payment terms may result in the release of reserved items.

Please remember that all prices are subject to Polish 23% TAX VAT.

Sponsorship and exhibitors’ packages Gold sponsor 9000 € *) Silver sponsor 4500 € *)

Bronze sponsor

3000 € *)

Partner 1200€ *)
Raw size with carpet 3mx4m 3mx3m 2mx3m 2mx3m
Booth with a facial board with logo and name + + +

On request

+285 €

One table with cloth or booth counter with
two chairs
+ + + +
Power supply (one phase – 230 VAC, max 1,5 kW) and lighting + + + +
Logo on introduction slides for the Opening Session and other conference sessions + + + +
Indication level of sponsoring on badges of company representatives + + + +
Full delegate pass –   complimentary Regular Conference Registration including tickets to the Conference Welcome Cocktail and Gala Dinner 3 2 1 1
Placing sponsor’s advertisements (i.e.  roll-ups, dim. 0,7m x 2 m) in the places often visited by participants 3 2
Small advertisement item, including single Company’s leaflet advertisement (up to 10 pages, up to A4 format size), which will be attached to the Conference delegate bag 3 2 1

Acknowledgement as “ Sponsor/Partner” on the Conference website with the link to the sponsor website


+ + + +
Single-page full-colour advertisement in the Conference Final Programme + + +
Acknowledgement as “Sponsor” in the Conference Final Programme and Conference Proceedings (on the USB memory stick), as well as on Conference information boards + + +
Partner’s name or logo in Final Conference Program +
Possibility of presentation of the company during industrial forum session (time and schedule has to be negotiated) +
Single own visual advertisement during the cocktail and the dinner (roll-up or banner, etc.) and 5 min speech at the conference Gala Dinner (2th July, 2024 (Tuesday)) +
Logo on lanyards if delivered by sponsor +

*) All prices are subject to Polish 23% VAT TAX

Additional services:

Net price *)

Exhibitor additional person (badge, coffee breaks, catering) – obligatory  50€ per day

50,00 €

Additional table and chair

100,00 €

Sponsor (additional participant of the whole conference including Gala Dinner)

590,00 €

Additional Gala Dinner ticket (early bird/regular)


Company session ( 1 time slot for company presentation – not a tutorial)

1000,00 €

Leaflet (max 10 pages) or USB stick in all conference bags

850,00 €

Advertising banner in the form of a roll-up

650,00 €

Full-colour page advertisement in the final conference program

500,00 €

Tutorial (not company presentation except logo on the first slide)

0,00 €

*) All prices are subject to Polish 23% VAT TAX