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MIKON 2024 conference

Workshops & Courses

Dear Colleagues,

Workshops and Short Courses, at Microwave and Radar Week are a key element for education, exchange of knowledge and practical skills.

Workshops will bring together thought leaders from academia and industry to light special topics or problems in area of interest. The aim is to coalesce a community around those topics for a practical training on a specific topic area.

  1. Title of the workshop/course
  2. Description of the workshop/course (up to ½ page)
  3. Name of the Presentr(s) with full contact information, including company/affiliation name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, picture, short bio.

Short courses lasting 90 minutes can be of two types: advanced (for audiences who have mastered the necessary basic knowledge of the topic) or beginners (for audiences without basic knowledge of the topic in the form of a tutorial).

Proposals of Workshops and Short Courses can be submitted directly by e-mail to (please use “MIKON-2024 workshop” in the e-mail subject):

Piotr Słobodzian



We are looking forward to receiving your proposal.


Yours sincerely,

Piotr Słobodzian


Wrocław University of Science and  Technology, Poland

Important dates

April 12th, 2024
Short courses deadline

April 12th, 2024
Industrial workshop deadline

April 26th, 2024