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Instructions for authors

Dear Authors,

You are welcome to submit papers on any of the conference topics, prepared for MIKON 2024 or IRS 2024 conference according to the following guidelines.

  • All papers must be written in English.
  • Submitted manuscript should be in PDF format.
  • Recommended length: see the recommendation for each conference below.
  • A maximum of two (2) papers can be submitted per conference fee paid (more papers require an additional fee).


We recommend all Authors to use the standard IEEE conference proceedings A4 format template from IEEE TEMPLATES for review papers, as the same format is MANDATORY for the final paper. 

Microsoft Word Template

While using MS Word template make sure to DELETE the footer (XXX-X-XXXX-XXXX-X/XX/$XX.00 ©20XX IEEE) before submitting the paper.


Informations for Authors submitting to MIKON 2024

In order to submit a paper please create an account or login first via MRW 2024 conference system EDAS and then upload your paper as PDF file to MIKON conference.

  • Recommended length of the paper is 3 – 6 A4 pages.
  • Extended abstract of 2 full pages long is allowed for authors who declare to extend their conference paper and submit it for Special Issue (see below).
  • One-page abstracts, which will be prepared on the basis of articles already published by the authors in journals.

The Papers will be pre-reviewed for acceptance criteria.

Paper acceptance criteria

Paper acceptance criteria:

  • Compatibility with the selected topic,
  • Substantive correctness and quality of the engineering topic,
  • Originality and level of innovativeness,
  • Quality of information presented.

Authors of the papers submitted to MIKON 2024 conference are invited to write an extended postconference paper to be published in a mini-Special Issue of the following journal

  • IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (T-MTT)
    guest editor: prof. Michał Mrozowski, PhD, FIEEE

Please note that the topic of the paper MUST be within the scopes of the corresponding journal. Also, the expanded version requires that the new technical content includes a more in-depth treatment or new results beyond the MIKON 2024 paper, or both. The quality of your contribution must meet the level required for a publication in the corresponding journal.


Please be aware that your contribution should be prepared as any other regular paper in mini-Special Issue, and that it will be evaluated via the same peer-review process.


The information about review and acceptance will send by email until April 27th, 2024. Review results will be also available in the MRW 2024 conference system MIKON conference. Once acceptance is received, prepare the final paper as described below.

Final Papers Preparation




Final Papers Preparation

We kindly ask you to submit the final paper by May 19, 2024.


  • Final paper must be compliant with the requirements and the IEEE rules for style defined in IEEE template for A4 page format and must include all reviewer’s comments and suggestions and signed Copyright Form (attached at the bottom of this page).
  • Please note that the Copyright Form needs to be signed for each paper when the final paper is submitted. To attached the Copyright Form, please, make a scan and submit it with final full paper through EDAS conference system.
  • Only electronic versions of the final full paper compliant with IEEE rules (template) in PDF format generated by IEEE PDF eXpress Plus are accepted as final conference paper and may be submitted to the IEEE Xplore® database.
  • To create your paper in correct PDF format the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus must be used with following Conference ID: 60251X and your IEEE account data. This feature is available from April 27, 2024.
  • Final papers compliant with the previously described requirements and presented at the conference, may be submitted for publication in the IEEE Xplore® database, if you consent.
Oral Presentation requirements


Oral Presentation requirements

In preparing your presentation, remember that it may be viewed from the back of a room. Font sizes between 18 pt and 24 pt are strongly preferred. If you can’t read a version of a slide printed on a standard sheet of paper from a distance of two meters, people are probably going to have trouble reading your projected slide. Please present the same materials as reported in your paper submission.

The overall time slot for each presentation is 20 minutes. Plan your speech for a duration of 15 minutes to allow time for questions and discussion.

Session chairs have been instructed to rigorously enforce the schedule, i.e., to strictly obey the length of a presentation and the announced starting times. We kindly ask you for your understanding and for your cooperation in keeping the schedule.

Be at the room of your session 15 minutes before session starts, so that you can meet your session chairs and the other speakers in advance.

A video projector and a PC with Windows operating system will be available in all session rooms.

Please bring your presentations on a USB memory stick in MS PowerPoint or Adobe PDF format and deliver it in the session room at the conference venue NO LATER than 15 minutes prior to your session!

When saving a PowerPoint presentation, please be sure to embed all fonts (Click on “File”, then “Save As“, Click on “Options”, In the options dialog box, Click on “Save” and Check the “Embed fonts in the file“).

Please name your presentation in the following way: Surname_Name_numberofpaper (from EDAS)

Example: Surname_Name_1234567.pptx

When creating a PDF version of a presentation, please be sure to embed all fonts.

We recommend you bring at least 2 copies of your presentation to the conference in case there is a problem with one of them.

Poster Presentation requirements




Poster Presentation requirements

Poster presenters must print out the poster themselves and bring it to the conference.

When preparing the poster, presenters should have in mind the objective of capturing the interest of attendees to the work that is being presented. The quality of the presentation stimulates the attention from the audience and improves the overall satisfaction of the community attending the conference. Use an appropriate font size allowing posters to be readable by delegates 1.5 m away. Please present the same materials as reported in your paper submission.

The poster message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation. Please, place the title of your paper and author’s names prominently at the top of the poster to allow viewers to identify your paper easily.

Further, we would like to call the attention of poster presenters to the following items:


  • Each poster board is marked with the poster ID-number.
  • Your poster number has been sent to you in the presentation schedule and can also be found in the detailed program.
  • Poster boards will be marked with poster ID-numbers.
  • Authors are required to use only the boards corresponding to their posters.
  • Poster presenters must hang up their poster during all the timeslot of their poster session.
  • The authors will need to stay personally just during their poster session and to remove their posters from the boards after the session. Posters left on the boards after the poster sessions, will not be returned by the organisers.
  • Posters should be fixed to the poster board using removable stripes which will be provided on site.
  • The display area has the following obligatory maximum dimensions:  118,9 cm high and 84,1 cm wide (A0 format).



Informations for Authors submitting to IRS 2024

In order to submit a paper please create an account or login first via MRW 2024 conference system EDAS and then submit your paper as PDF file for IRS conference.

  • Recommended length of the review paper: 3 – 6 A4 pages.
  • Minimum review paper length: 2 pages


If you plan to extend your IRS paper (after the conference) to a separate full-length publication in a journal, please answer “YES” to the “SHORT PAPER” question when registering the paper. This will inform reviewers of your intent. Note, however, that the IRS submission should anyway be a complete, standalone paper, allowing the reviewers to assess its value.

Authors of the papers submitted to IRS 2024 will be invited to submit a post-conference publication to a Special Issues of selected journals:

  • to be announced soon

Materials to use in presentations