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MIKON 2024 Short-course

Bio-inspired Radio Sensing (BiRaS)

Sensing is an integral part of the survival strategy of every species of animal and plant. We, radar engineers, can learn a lot of the biosphere both in terms of designing interesting radar architectures as well as efficient radar signal processing algorithms. The author has been working on algorithms and systems inspired by various animals and animal ecosystems for more than 15 years. In this tutorial, he would cover the following topics.

Firstly, he will review some of the bio-inspired radar architectures in the open literature.

Then, he will talk about application specific instrumentation (ASIN), a radar signal processing architecture inspired by pollen feeding bats. Following this, he will discuss Communication based Sensing (CommSense) a radio sensing architecture inspired by the way animals talk to each other in rainforests.

Lastly, he will discuss an integrated sensing and communication (ISAC) architecture inspired by weakly electric fish. He will end his tutprial with a note on the precautions we should take while trying to work on BiRas systems and what are their potential limitations.


Prof. Amit Kumar Mishra

Aberystwyth University, UK

Email: amit.mishra@aber.ac.uk

Speaker’s Bio: Prof. Amit Mishra is an expert in radar and sensor system design. After his PhD from the University of Edinburgh (in 2006), he has worked in India, Australia and South Africa. Currently, he is the director of National Spectrum Centre, Aberystwyth University, UK. He has more than 180 publications in peer reviewed journals and conferences. He also holds nine patents. His areas of expertise include symbiotic radar, bio-inspired architecture for information processing and solving sustainability related challenges using sensors and AI (SensAI).